Dear Natasa NATASHA

I apologies that I didn't get your emil on time.MY TECHNOLOGY IS NOT THAT GOOD I apologies that I am now upset THAT I AM ANGRY because I didn't prepare for this. WE’VE ALWAYS BEEN TOLD THAT WE RE LAZY I apologies that you have to listen to this.FOR FUCKING FUCKUP THE LANGUAGE SOMETIMES i apologies for having to stand here AND CONSTANTLY OCCUPY SPACES THAT ARE NOT MY OWN to read this to you. I AM OF A PEOPLE THAT ARE ILLITERATE AND DUM I apologies for standing here period.FOR PERIODS OF YEARS MY PEOPLE HAVE BEEN SLAVES I apologies for the period this is taking. WHILE PEOPLE ARE TAKEN MY LAND I apologies for your time that its taking. BEING TAUGHT TO TREASURE OTHERS MORE THAT OUR OWN I apologies for the sound of my voice.IT IS NOT TOO LONG SINCE I FOUND IT I apologies that your ears have to listen to this.MY EXISTENCE IS A PAIN I apologies that you have to watch me doing this LOOKING AT ME MAKES YOU FROUN I apologies for doing it at all BUT I AM NOT THE CAUSE OF THIS Infact I apologies for having done it I ALSO WISH I WAS BORN A LIGHTER SHADE… OF BLACK

Kind regardLESS OF PAIN
Chuma ZUMA Sopotela

ps:I apologies for not having to know too much about Palestine.ILL DO BETTER NEXT TIME.