To the lady at the border gates

I want to thank you for letting me in. To experience this tragedy it truly is one of a kind. The kind that is not you of course. You've got the keys to the gate. Gate keeper do you know the boy standing there? Well I know him. We met once he asked me for shillings but I gave him rands. His community is almost total destroyed how does it feel to be part of. Apart of taking arms ,shooting and shouting insults .You wouldn't actually happen to be a mother?Or did you do them same to your young one? I mean feeding them poison and letting them vomit in the streets.Dear lady when you stand in the streets do you stand on the left or the right. Because there is only one right and that is not were you are always standing . Contrary to popular belief.
When people with black bags run pass you do you ask them if you could hep incase you need it sometime in the future?


Zina Zarour Insight ‘Conversation’ & ‘Isolation’