Zina Zarour

Radio No Frequency 

Radio 'Dona Taraddod', which in Arabic can mean both 'No hesitation' or 'No frequency', is a volunteer online radio programme; quoting Naji al-Ali, "it is biased towards those who are down under". The radio began 'broadcasting' two years ago, and it is seeking to criticise and rebut the prevailing socio-political, economic, and media rhetoric through the use of drama and 'dark comedy' (as needed). Radio Dona Taraddod is a programme of www.itijah.ps and Multaqa Nabd al-Shababi "Pulse Youth Forum". The onstage radio show tries to explore different aspects of radio and the backstage of open-air radio scene; by transferring what usually is only heard, to something that is being received and understood also by the other senses, this performance will dig deep into issues such as authority, censorship, class, colonialism, gender, media roles and art.

Zina Zarour has a bachelor degree in Media - Radio Broadcasting & TV from Birzeit University. She worked as assistant director for several performances, most recently for Badke dance performance co-produced by the Royal Flemish Theatre in Brussels, Les Balet C de la B, and the A.M. Qattan Foundation - where she currently works at the Culture and Arts programme. She is a volunteer editor for Itijah newspaper and Radio Dona Taraddod.

Lama Rabah studied Media - Radio Broadcasting & TV at Birzeit University. She is currently a researcher at the A.M. Qattan foundation and a member of Radio Dona Taraddod. She has worked in dubbing and audio drama for 7 years. She aspires to be a storyteller.

Faris Shomali is an angry musician and sound designer; he co-founded the music band Bil3ax. He is a volunteer editor for Itijah newspaper and website, and Radio Dona Taraddod.

Henna al-Hajj Hasan is a singer and member of Radio Dona Taraddod. She is a proponent of all tools that allow an explosion of opinion without restriction.

Created & performed by Zina Zarour, Lama Rabah, Faris Shomali, Henna al-Hajj Hasan
Light designer Borut Bučinel

Produced by Exodos Ljubljana and Qattan Foundation
1Space production supported by Creative Europe