Urândia Aragão

Artigo 19

photo: Bruno Simão

When we sense strangeness in the encounter with the other, something is revealed, beyond treaties, conventions, expectations, and personal conflicts. What is said and what remains unsaid is part of the construction of an image of ourselves for the other. From this arise the expectations that move us in a dialectic of illusions, of fiction and reality. The masks, that can as easily serve us as they can oppress us, are called into question. This is the moment that we choose to keep them or to let them go. Is it in this letting go that we experience something close to a state of consciousness and freedom? In the world of formal language, declarations try to protect us from fear, but they say little about this place and time between 'I and Thou', about the matter we are made of and its intelligence beyond rationality. Starting from research on human rights, Artigo 19 seeks to reflect on the relationship between the speakable and the unspeakable.

21 April, 21h > Exodos - International Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts, Ljubljana.
7-9 June, 21h30 - Lisbon premiere > Maria Matos Teatro Municipal.

Concept and creation Urândia Aragão
With the collaboration of Andrea Brandão, João Bento, Rui Catalão
Artistic encounters with Borut Bučinel, Chuma Sopotella, Gabriela Farinha, Momar Ndiay
Light design Thomas Walgrave
Sound design João Bento
Technical director João Chicó
Produced by Alkantara
Co-produced by Maria Matos TM, 1Space Project/Programa Europa Criativa, Teatro Académico de Gil Vicente, Pensamento Voador
Supported by Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
Artistic residencies Pact Zollverein - Essen, Yachai Wasi - Loreto, Peru; Espaço Alkantara - Lisboa; Teatro Maria Matos - Lisboa, TAGV - Coimbra; Forum Dança; Polo Cultural | Gaivotas Boavista/CML, ACCCA, Rumo do Fumo
Special thanks to Adonis Nébié, Ahu Lopez, Ahmed Tobasi, Ana Trincão, Atta Kattab, Carlos Oliveira, Luís Pinto, Léa Rault, Marta Fonseca, Michel Kiyombo, Remah Jabr, Rubén Castillejo e Zina Zarour
Photo Bruno Simão

Alkantara is co-funded by the Portuguese Republic/Ministry of Culture and Lisbon Municipality

1Space is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union