Eyad Houssami

Battery Dying Flying Submarine

photo: Mahatat for Contemporary Art

Libretto by Eyad Houssami
Commissioned by One Space (EU)/FESTIVAL DE MARSEILLE

It's Nowruz in the valley of thistle stone, and the Scorpion insurgency will stop at nothing to seal the fate of the last Sofar iris on earth. As its extinction looms, a polymer plot to overthrow the reign of Queen B. Hive thickens.

With the future of the valley at stake and her farmer parents struggling to make ends meet, young alienated Sanaa vows to take matter into her own hands, leaving the countryside for the city of burning trash.

But a chance encounter with the orphan Azad and the mystery of her grandmother's sleepless ghost leads to a swashbuckling adventure of betrayal and destiny.