Ahmed Tobasi & Adonis Nébié


Inspired by the story of Cain and Abel, the first children of Adam and Eve, this piece explores the relationship between the two brothers: Cain as the first human born and Abel as the first human to die. Born after the Fall of Man, they were created equal in their mother's eyes. One day upon offering their sacrifices to God she chooses to favour one brother over another, creating an irreparable divide between the two brothers.

Blood/Brothers has been created by one dancer and one actor, two individuals from unique, yet equally brutal life environments where discrimination and inequality shape the past, present and future: Adonis Nébié from Burkina Faso, a country ravished by colonialism; and Ahmed Tobasi, a Palestinian from the Jenin refugee camp who has been living under Israeli occupation his entire life. They joined forces and started to explore the bond of brotherhood, combining the tale of Cain and Abel with their own experiences.

The seeds of the project came from a collaborative process between Nébié and Tobasi, using their personal experiences for shaping a rich and visceral production. Staring from the point of their different races, nationalities and identities, this collaboration explores different understandings of land, nation, religion and tradition, the many forms of oppression and their effects as shown in family life and the bond of brotherhood.

At the beginning of his carrier Adonis Nébié was the main actor in plays of the famous Souleymane Porgo. As a member of the Irène Tassembedo dance company he participated in the productions Souffles, Carmen, Sacre du temps and Allah garibou. He has performed at main European and African festivals and in theatres, and collaborated or trained with choreographers, such as Salia Sanou, Seydou Boro, Vincent Montsoe, Opiyo Okach, Gregory Makoma, Wim Vandekeybus, Nora Chipaumire, Patrick Acogny, Germaine Acogny. Since 2011 he collaborates with Serge-Aimé Coulibaly, Vera Sander, Nathalie Veuillet and Kalpana Raghuraman. Together with Sigue Sabyouba and Kafando Idrissa het started the Teguerer Danse Company. In 2012 he created his solo performance Looser in El Graner, Barcelona. Me-tisser, in collaboration with Cie. Eolo, was performed in the same year in Lyon. In 2013 he made Ballet Démocratique, a duo with Congolese dancer Fany Mabondzo. In its first version, the solo Spirit was shown at the Urban Arts Festival in Abidjan in 2014. See also Spirit.

Ahmed Tobasi is an accomplished writer, actor, director and educator with experiences obtained while working in Palestinian & international theatres. For more see - Let's Talk About Sex: The Beginning Of War.

Flemish dramaturge Hildegard De Vuyst is specialised in intercultural dance dramaturgy. She built her expertise working for more than 20 years with Belgian choreographer Alain Platel, and 15 years in KVS (Royal Flemish Theatre) in Brussels where she shaped the Palestinian trajectory of KVS, in collaboration with A.M. Qattan Foundation in Ramallah. She gives dance and dramaturgy workshops from Sydney to Kinshasa, which resulted in collaboration with the Australian company Marrugeku and with different Congolese artists. Currently she's dividing her time between the residency programme of les Ballets C de la B in Ghent (the company of Alain Platel) and the Festival de Marseille in the south of France.

Created and performed by Ahmed Tobasi, Adonis Nébié
Dramaturgy Hildegard De Vuyst
Produced by Festival de Marseille
Co-production The African Theater Festival Köln
This production was made in the frame of 1Space project
1Space is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union